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An Essay on Ricardo Flores Magón, the Anarchist that Binds L.A. and Mexico City

 It is no coincidence that Ricardo Flores Magón wound up in the City of Angels. Even though it is over 100 miles from the US-Mexico line, … Read more

BlogThe Revolution Starts Now

Para llegar al cielo se necesita una escalera grande…

I opened my last post by saying that the previous forty-eight hours had seemed an eternity — marked by a major protest march and most of all anticipation, everyone girding themselves … Read more

BlogTo Mexico with #YoSoy132

México jóven: #132 students gather at Tlatelolco’s Plaza de las Tres Culturas on the eve of a historic presidential election.


We’ve been here just forty-eight hours. But given the intensity of the historical moment in that intensest of cities, … Read more