VARIEDADES The Ballad of Ricardo Flores MagonVARIEDADES is an interdisciplinary per­for­mance se­ries that brings to­gether music, spoken word, theater, comedy and the visual arts, loosely based on the Mexican vaude­ville shows (“variedades”) of early 20th century Los Angeles that my Mexican grand­parents per­formed in as a mu­si­cal duo. Each show is fo­cused by a par­ti­cu­lar theme.

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Documentary Documentary

When Worlds Collide

Shot on location throughout Latin America and Spain, this documentary film, which I co-wrote and narrated, takes a revisionist look at the first century after contact — not  “conquest” —  between Spain and indigenous America. A national PBS production.


Music Music

I’ve always worked across genres, and music runs deep in my family (my Mexican grandparents performed both opera and popular music). During a writing project I often compose songs that mirror the themes and narratives, kind of a literary soundtrack. Here are a batch of songs from the time that I was writing Crossing Over. I plan to record the songs that I wrote during the time I was working on Desert America soon.

Nueva York

An ode to the pioneers of Little Mexico in Queens

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