VARIEDADES The Ballad of Ricardo Flores MagonVARIEDADES is an interdisciplinary per­for­mance se­ries that brings to­gether music, spoken word, theater, comedy and the visual arts, loosely based on the Mexican vaude­ville shows (“variedades”) of early 20th century Los Angeles that my Mexican grand­parents per­formed in as a mu­si­cal duo. Each show is fo­cused by a par­ti­cu­lar theme.


VariedadesThe Desert

VARIEDADES at The Echo. Starring Rubén Martínez, Richard Montoya, Victoria Williams, Elia Arce, Douglas Burton-Christie, Josh Kun, Angela Garcia. Directed by Colin Campbell. November 12, 2011. Made possible through a grant from the Material World Foundation.

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The third VARIEDADES at The Echo, in Los Angeles. The Anarchy Show, inspired by the life and writings of Ricardo Flores Magon. Starring Ruben Martinez, Raquel Gutierrez, Richard Montoya, Chicano Son, Los Illegals, The Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0. Directed by Colin Campbell

VariedadesThe Drug Show

May 14, 2011 – Ruben Martinez and Raquel Gutierrez host the second installment of this “variety” show series at the Echo in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Focusing their talents on theme of the drug war and its toll on both sides of the border are Richard Montoya, Alexis de la Rocha, Joe Garcia, Ersi & Rosella Arvizu, Angela Garcia, Carolyn Castano, Dino Dinco, Adolfo Guzman Lopez, and the Martinez del Rio band. Directed by Colin Campbell.

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VariedadesThe Road to Los Angeles

The inaugural “performance salon” hosted by Ruben Martinez at the Echo in Echo Park, featuring Roma Maffia, Cesar Castro, Marisoul y los Hermanos Carlos, Betto Arcos, Josh Kun, and the Martinez del Rio Band. This “varieadades” (variety) show in the style of Mexican vaudeville tells the story of the immigrant City of Angels, featuring readings of John Fante’s classic novel The Road to Los Angeles, stories of David Alfaro Siqueiros and his whitewashed mural on Olvera Street, and much more! Directed by Colin Campbell.